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1.  Atlas of odor character profiles sponsored by Section E-18.04.12 on Odor Profiling of Subcommittee E-18.04 on Instrumental-Sensory Relationships, ASTM Committee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products compiled by Andrew Dravnieks
  Subject: Chemistry, Analytic -- Atlases; Odor control -- Atlases
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2.  California nonpoint source encyclopedia prepared for California State Water Resources Control Board prepared by Tetra Tech, Inc
  Subject: Water quality management -- California -- Encyclopedias; Nonpoint source pollution -- California -- Encyclopedias
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3.  Encyclopedia of environmental science and engineering edited by James R. Pfafflin and Edward N. Ziegler
  Subject: Environmental sciences -- Encyclopedias; Environmental engineering -- Encyclopedias
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4.  Encyclopedia of sustainability science and technology Robert A. Meyers (Ed.)
  Subject: Science and industry -- Encyclopedias; Sustainable development -- Technological innovations -- Encyclopedias; Sustainable engineering -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Environmental engineering dictionary and directory Thomas M. Pankratz
  Subject: Environmental engineering -- Directories; Trademarks -- Dictionaries; Brand name products -- Dictionaries; Environmental engineering -- Dictionaries
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6.  Green food an A-to-Z guide / Dustin Mulvaney, general editor
  Subject: Sustainable agriculture -- Encyclopedias; Agricultural industries -- Environmental aspects -- Encyclopedias; Agriculture -- Environmental aspects -- Encyclopedias; Food industry and trade -- Environmental aspects -- Encyclopedias; Food -- Environmental as
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7.  Headquarters telephone directory United States Environmental Protection Agency
  Subject: Government Agencies -- United States -- Directory; Environmental Pollution -- prevention & control -- United States -- Directory; Administrative agencies -- United States -- Telephone directories
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8.  Pollution A to Z Richard M. Stapleton, editor in chief
  Subject: Pollution -- Encyclopedias
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9.  Terminology of water supply and environmental sanitation Terminologie de l'approvisionnement en eau et de l'assainissement du milieu / Paul J. Biron
  Subject: French language -- Dictionaries -- English; Sanitary engineering -- Dictionaries -- French; Water-supply engineering -- Dictionaries -- French; English language -- Dictionaries -- French; Sanitary engineering -- Dictionaries; Water-supply engineering -- D
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10.  The water dictionary a comprehensive reference of water terminology / Nancy E. McTigue, editor James M. Symons, editor emeritus
  Subject: Water treatment plants -- Dictionaries; Water-supply -- Dictionaries; Drinking water -- Dictionaries
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