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1.  Atlas of cyberspace Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin
  Subject: Space and time; Graphic methods; Computer network resources -- Directories; Cyberspace -- Atlases; Cyberspace -- Charts, diagrams, etc
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2.  Comprehensive glossary of telecom abbreviations and acronyms Ali Akbar Arabi
  Subject: Telecommunication -- Dictionaries; Telecommunication -- Abbreviations -- Dictionaries
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3.  A dictionary of the Internet Darrel Ince
  Subject: World Wide Web -- Terminology -- Dictionaries; Internet -- Terminology -- Dictionaries; Internet -- Dictionaries
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4.  Encyclopedia of virtual communities and technologies Subhasish Dasgupta [editor]
  Subject: Virtual reality -- Encyclopedias; Telecommunication -- Encyclopedias; Electronic villages (Computer networks) -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Fiber optics illustrated dictionary Julie K. Petersenc [sic]
  Subject: Fiber optics -- Dictionaries
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6.  Hargrave's communications dictionary Frank Hargrave
  Subject: Telecommunication -- Dictionaries
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7.  IEEE standard definitions of power systems data transmission and related channel terminology sponsor Power Systems Communications Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society
  Subject: Telecommunication -- Dictionaries; Telecommunication -- Terminology
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8.  The IEEE wireless dictionary by James P.K. Gilb
  Subject: Wireless communication systems -- Dictionaries
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9.  NetLingo Vincent James, Erin Jansen
  Subject: World Wide Web -- Dictionaries; Internet -- Dictionaries
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10.  The telecommunications illustrated dictionary Julie K. Petersen
  Subject: Computer networks -- Dictionaries; Data transmission systems -- Dictionaries; Telecommunication -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 10 results of your selection

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