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1.  Encyclopaedia Iranica [edited by Ehsan Yarshater]
A multi-disciplinary reference work designed to record the facts of Iranian history and civilization, including entries on the lands, life, culture and history of all Iranian peoples and their interaction with other societies
  Subject: Iran -- Encyclopedias
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2.  Encyclopaedia Judaica Fred Skolnik, editor-in-chief Michael Berenbaum, executive editor
  Subject: Judaism -- Encyclopedias; Jews -- Encyclopedias
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3.  The encyclopaedia of Islam
Provides access to the 2nd ed., enhanced by the inclusion of an Index of proper names and an Index of subjects, and the ongoing 3rd ed
  Subject: Islamic countries -- Encyclopedias; Islam -- Encyclopedias; Islamic civilization -- Encyclopedias
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4.  Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East & North Africa Philip Mattar, editor in chief
  Subject: Africa, North -- Encyclopedias; Middle East -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Historical dictionary of Syria / David Commins and David W. Lesch
  Subject: Syria -- History -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 5 results of your selection

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