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1. California library directory
  Subject: Libraries -- California -- Directories
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2. CUFTS open source serials management
  Subject: Electronic journals -- Directories; Electronic information resources
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3. Li dai cang shu jia ci dian Liang Zhan, Guo Qunyi bian zhu
  Subject: Book collectors -- Biography -- Dictionaries -- Chinese -- China
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4. Library resource guide: a catalog of services and suppliers for the library community
  Subject: Library materials -- United States -- Directories; Booksellers and bookselling -- United States -- Directories; Library fittings and supplies industry -- United States -- Directories; Library service agencies -- United States -- Directories
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5. Membership directory & organization manual / California Library Association
  Subject: Libraries -- California -- Directories; Librarians -- California -- Directories
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6. Zhongguo cang shu jia ci dian Li Yu'an, Chen Chuanyi
  Subject: Book collectors -- China -- Biography -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 6 results of your selection

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