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1.  Pocket Oxford Italian dictionary English-Italian, Italian-English / edited by Pat Bulhosen, Francesca Logi, and Loredana Riu
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- Italian; Italian language -- Dictionaries -- English
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2.  Pocket Oxford Spanish dictionary [chief editors, Nicholas Rollin, Carol Styles Carvajal, Jane Horwood]
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- Spanish; Spanish language -- Dictionaries -- English
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3.  Pocket Oxford-Hachette French dictionary [edited by Marie-Hlene Corrard]
  Subject: French language -- Dictionaries -- English; English language -- Dictionaries -- French
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4.  Spiers and Surenne's French and English pronouncing dictionary newly composed from the French dictionaries of the French Academy, Laveaux, Boiste, Bescherelle, Landais, etc., and from the English dictionaries of Johnson, Webster, Worcester, Richardson
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- French; French language -- Dictionaries -- English
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Viewing all 4 results of your selection

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