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1. Aolinpike yun dong bai ke quan shu Encyclopedia of the olympic movement / [Ren Hai zhu bian]
  Subject: Olympics -- History -- Encyclopedias
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2. A dictionary of sports studies Alan Tomlinson
  Subject: Sports -- Dictionaries
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3. Encyclopedia of play in today's society Rodney Carlisle, general editor
  Subject: Leisure -- Encyclopedias; Recreation -- Encyclopedias
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4. Encyclopedia of recreation and leisure in America Gary S. Cross, editor in chief
  Subject: Leisure -- United States -- Encyclopedias; Recreation -- United States -- Encyclopedias
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5. Encyclopedia of sports management and marketing general editors, Linda E Swayne, Mark Dodds
  Subject: Sports -- Marketing -- Encyclopedias; Sports administration -- Encyclopedias
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6. Historical dictionary of football John Grasso
  Subject: Football -- United States -- Dictionaries
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7. Lan qiu da ci dian Lan qiu da ci dian bian ji wei yuan hui bian zhu
  Subject: Basketball -- Dictionaries
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8. Modern gastronomy A to Z a scientific and gastronomic lexicon / Alcia Foundation elBullitaller
  Subject: Food -- Dictionaries; Cooking -- Dictionaries; Gastronomy -- Dictionaries
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9. The Scribner encyclopedia of American lives, Thematic series. Sports figures Arnold Markoe, volume editor
  Subject: Sports -- United States -- Encyclopedias; Athletes -- United States -- Biography -- Dictionaries
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10. Theme park city editor Robert H. Brown
  Subject: Amusement parks -- Europe -- Directories; Amusement parks -- Canada -- Directories; Amusement parks -- United States -- Directories
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11. Ti cao da ci dian Ti cao da ci dian bian ji wei yuan hui bian zhu
  Subject: Gymnastics -- Dictionaries
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12. You yong da ci dian Feng Miaoyuan zhu bian An Qinghai ... [et al.] fu zhu bian You yong da ci dian bian ji wei yuan hui bian zhu
  Subject: Swimming -- Dictionaries
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13. Zhongguo gong fu ci dian Li Chunsheng zhu bian
  Subject: Martial arts -- Dictionaries
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14. Zhongguo tai ji quan ci dian Yu Gongbao bian zhu
  Subject: Tai chi -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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15. Zhongguo ti yu bai ke quan shu Encyclopedia of China sports / Zhongguo ti yu bai ke quan shu bian ji wei yuan hui
  Subject: Sports -- Encyclopedias; Sports -- China -- Encyclopedias
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16. Zhonghua wu shu da ci dian [Zhang Shan, Pei Xirong zhu bian]
  Subject: Martial arts -- China -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 16 results of your selection

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