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1.  Atlas of chick development Ruth Bellairs and Mark Osmond
  Subject: Chickens -- Development -- Atlases; Chickens -- Embryos -- Atlases
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2.  Atlas of comparative sectional anatomy of 6 invertebrates and 5 vertebrates Gza Zboray ... [et al.]
  Subject: Vertebrates -- Anatomy -- Atlases; Invertebrates -- Anatomy -- Atlases; Anatomy, Comparative -- Atlases
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3.  Atlas of the neonatal rat brain Renuka Ramachandra, Thyagarajan Subramanian
  Subject: Brain -- Anatomy -- Atlases; Rats -- Anatomy -- Atlases
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4.  Comparative skeletal anatomy a photographic atlas for medical examiners, coroners, forensic anthropologists, and archaeologists / by Bradley J. Adams, Pamela J. Crabtree photographs by Gina Santucci
  Subject: Bone and Bones -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Anatomy, Comparative -- Atlases; Bones -- Atlases
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5.  Prenatal mouse brain atlas Uta Schambra illustrations by Barbara A. Connelly
  Subject: Mice -- embryology -- Atlases; Brain -- embryology -- Atlases; Mice -- Anatomy -- Atlases; Mice -- Growth -- Atlases; Brain -- Anatomy -- Atlases; Brain -- Growth -- Atlases
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6.  Stereotaxic atlas of the marmoset brain with immunohistochemical architecture and MR images / Shigeki Yuasa, Katsuki Nakamura, Shinichi Kohsaka
  Subject: Stereotaxic Techniques -- Atlases; Callithrix -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Brain -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Callithrix -- Anatomy -- Atlases; Brain -- Anatomy -- Atlases
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7.  The therian skull a lexicon with emphasis on the odontocetes / J.G. Mead and R.E. Fordyce
  Subject: Anatomy, Comparative -- Dictionaries; Toothed whales -- Anatomy -- Dictionaries; Mammals -- Anatomy -- Dictionaries; Skull -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 7 results of your selection

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