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1.  A critical dictionary of English literature and British and American authors, living and deceased, from the earliest accounts to the middle of the nineteenth century. Containing thirty thousand biographies and literary notices, with forty indexes of subje
  Subject: Authors, American -- Biography -- Dictionaries; Authors, English -- Biography -- Dictionaries; American literature -- Bio-bibliography -- Dictionaries; English literature -- Bio-bibliography -- Dictionaries
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2.  Encyclopedia of library and information science, second edition. First update supplement edited by Miriam A. Drake
  Subject: Information science -- Encyclopedias; Library science -- Encyclopedias
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3.  Maps and atlases
  Subject: Government publications -- United States -- Bibliography -- Catalogs; Atlases -- Bibliography -- Catalogs; Maps -- Bibliography -- Catalogs
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4.  Ulrich's periodicals directory
  Subject: Periodicals; Periodicals -- Directories
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5.  Ulrichsweb global serials directory
Bibliographic and access information for over 300,000 serials. Entries provide ISSN, publisher, language, subject, abstracting & indexing coverage, full-text database coverage, tables of contents, and reviews written by librarians
  Subject: Serial publications -- Directories; Periodicals -- Directories
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6.  Xin hai yi lai ren wu nian li lu zhu bian Shao Yanmiao fu zhu bian Ding Xiaobing, Zhang Fan
  Subject: China -- History -- 1949- -- Biography -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; China -- History -- Republic, 1912-1949 -- Biography -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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7.  Zhongguo gu dai wen xue jia zi hao shi ming bie cheng ci dian Zhang Fuqing bian zhu
  Subject: Names, Personal -- Chinese -- Dictionaries; House names -- China -- Dictionaries; Anonyms and pseudonyms, Chinese -- Dictionaries; Authors, Chinese -- Biography -- Dictionaries
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8.  Zhongguo mu lu xue jia ci dian Shen chang ... [et al.]
  Subject: Bibliographers -- Biography -- Dictionaries -- Chinese -- China
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Viewing all 8 results of your selection

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