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1. Dictionary of natural products
A comprehensive database of 170,000 natural products which includes: names and synonyms, formulae, chemical structures, CAS Registry Numbers, extensive source data, uses and applications, physical state, melting point, boiling point, pKa, and key literature citations, as well ... read more
  Subject: Natural products -- Dictionaries
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2. Oxford dictionary of biochemistry and molecular biology managing editor, R. Cammack ... [et al.]
  Subject: Molecular biology -- Dictionaries; Biochemistry -- Dictionaries
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3. Rmpp encyclopedia natural products editors, Wolfgang Steglich, Burkhard Fugmann, Susanne Lang-Fugmann authors, Gnter Adam ... [et al.]
  Subject: Biological Agents -- Dictionary -- English; Metabolites -- Dictionaries; Biomolecules -- Dictionaries; Natural products -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 3 results of your selection

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