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1.  A dictionary of biology [edited by] Elizabeth Martin and Robert Hine
  Subject: Biology -- Dictionaries
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2.  Encyclopedia of biometrics / Stan Z. Li, Anil K. Jain, editors
  Subject: Biometric identification -- Encyclopedias
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3.  Encyclopedia of biometrics edited by Stan Z. Li
  Subject: Biometry -- Encyclopedias
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4.  Encyclopedia of life sciences
  Subject: Biological Science Disciplines -- Encyclopedias; Biology -- Encyclopedias; Life sciences -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Encyclopedia of molecular mechanisms of disease edited by Florian Lang
  Subject: Pathology, Molecular -- Encyclopedias
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6.  Encyclopedia of systems biology edited by Werner Dubitzky...[et al.]
  Subject: Systems biology -- Encyclopedias
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7.  Ying Han nong ye sheng wu xue ci dian English-Chinese agrobiological dictionary / Xu Xianghao zhu bian
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Agriculture -- Dictionaries; Biology -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 7 results of your selection

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