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1. A cyclopedia of commerce and commercial navigation Ed. by J. Smith Homans ... and by J. Smith Homans, Jr
  Subject: Commerce -- Encyclopedias
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2. A dictionary of business
  Subject: Finance -- Dictionaries; Business -- Dictionaries
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3. A dictionary of business and management edited by Jonathan Law
  Subject: Business -- Dictionaries; Management -- Dictionaries
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4. Encyclopedia of business and finance Burton S. Kaliski, editor-in-chief
  Subject: North America -- Commerce -- Encyclopedias; Finance -- North America -- Encyclopedias; Finance -- Encyclopedias; Commerce -- Encyclopedias; Business -- Encyclopedias
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5. Encyclopedia of business in today's world Charles Wankel, general editor
  Subject: International business enterprises -- Encyclopedias; International trade -- Encyclopedias; Management -- Encyclopedias; Commerce -- Encyclopedias; Business -- Encyclopedias
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6. Jian ming Ying Han shang ye ci dian / Zhang Xu zhu bian Liu Shuxin, Wang Shuxuan shen ding
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Commerce -- Dictionaries
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7. The Oxford business French dictionary French-English [or] English-French / ed. Marianne Chalmers, Martine Pierquin
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- French; French language -- Dictionaries -- English; Business -- Dictionaries -- English; Business -- Dictionaries -- French
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8. The Oxford business Spanish dictionary Spanish-English [or] English-Spanish / ed. Sinda Lpez and Donald Watt
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- Spanish; Spanish language -- Dictionaries -- English; Spanish language -- Business Spanish -- Dictionaries -- English; Business -- Dictionaries
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9. Ying Han guo ji mao yi yu jin rong ci dian English-Chinese dictionary of international trade and finance / Wu Yongxun zhu bian
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Finance -- Dictionaries; Commerce -- Dictionaries
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10. Ying Han--Han Ying shang pin da ci dian zhu bian yi Li Pizhang, Xia Defu fu zhu bian yi Yan Xiuying ... [deng] bian yi ren yuan Ma Longjun ... [deng]
  Subject: Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English; English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Commercial products -- China -- Dictionaries
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