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1.  Encyclopedia of perception [edited by] E. Bruce Goldstein
  Subject: Senses and sensation -- Encyclopedias; Perception -- Encyclopedias
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2.  Encyclopedia of the sciences of learning Norbert M. Seel, editor
  Subject: Learning, Psychology of -- Encyclopedias
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3.  Learning & memory John H. Byrne, editor-in-chief
  Subject: Neuropsychology -- Encyclopedias -- English; Memory -- Encyclopedias -- English; Learning -- Encyclopedias -- English; Animals -- Encyclopedias -- English; Animal Population Groups -- psychology -- Encyclopedias -- English; Neuropsychology -- Encyclopedia
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4.  The MIT encyclopedia of the cognitive sciences edited by Robert A. Wilson and Frank C. Keil
  Subject: Cognitive science -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Oxford companion to consciousness edited by Tim Bayne, Axel Cleeremans, Patrick Wilken
  Subject: Consciousness -- Dictionary -- English; Consciousness -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 5 results of your selection

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