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1.  Encyclopedia of African American education edited by Kofi Lomotey
  Subject: African Americans -- Education -- Encyclopedias
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2.  Encyclopedia of bilingual education Josu M. Gonzlez, editor
  Subject: Education, Bilingual -- Encyclopedias
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3.  Encyclopedia of distance learning
  Subject: Distance education -- Encyclopedias
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4.  Encyclopedia of distributed learning editors, Anna DiStefano, Kjell Erik Rudestam, Robert J. Silverman
  Subject: Distance education -- Encyclopedias; Continuing education -- Encyclopedias; Adult learning -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Encyclopedia of diversity in education editor, James A. Banks, University of Washington
  Subject: Cultural pluralism -- Encyclopedias; Education -- Social aspects -- Encyclopedias; Multicultural education -- Encyclopedias
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6.  Encyclopedia of giftedness, creativity, and talent Barbara Kerr, editor
  Subject: Creative ability in children -- United States -- Encyclopedias; Gifted children -- Education -- United States -- Encyclopedias
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7.  The encyclopedia of learning disabilities Carol Turkington, Joseph R. Harris, American Bookworks
  Subject: Learning Disorders -- Encyclopedias -- English; Learning disabled -- Education -- United States -- Encyclopedias; Learning disabilities -- Encyclopedias
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8.  Inventory of approved and projected programs
Inventory database listing degrees and certificates offered by California community colleges that are approved by the Chancellor's Office. Also includes projected future programs. Does not include certificates that require less than 18 semester or 27 quarter units, ... read more
  Subject: Junior colleges -- California -- Directories; Community colleges -- California -- Directories; Community colleges -- California -- Curricula -- Directories; Vocational education -- California -- Curricula -- Directories
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9.  Sociology of education an A-to-Z guide / James Ainsworth, Georgia State University, editor
  Subject: Educational sociology -- Encyclopedias
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10.  Te shu jiao yu ci dian Dictionary of special education / Pu Yongxin zhu bian Gu Dingqian fu zhu bian
  Subject: Special education -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 10 results of your selection

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