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1.  Atlas of scar treatment and correction Igor Safonov
  Subject: Scars -- Treatment -- Atlases
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2.  Atlas of trauma emergency surgical techniques / editors, William G. Cioffi ... [et al.]
  Subject: Surgical Procedures, Operative -- methods -- Atlases; Emergencies -- Atlases; Wounds and Injuries -- surgery -- Atlases; Surgical emergencies -- Atlases
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3.  Atlas sportorthopdisch- sporttraumatologische Operationen 2013 Andreas B. Imhoff, Matthias J. Feucht (Hrsg.)
  Subject: Orthopedic surgery -- Atlases; Sports injuries -- Treatment -- Atlases
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4.  Color atlas of burn reconstructive surgery edited by Hiko Hyakusoku ... [et al.]
  Subject: Surgical Flaps -- Atlases; Reconstructive Surgical Procedures -- Atlases; Burns -- surgery -- Atlases; Surgery, Plastic -- Atlases; Burns and scalds -- Surgery -- Atlases
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5.  Encyclopedia of intensive care medicine edited by Jean-Louis Vincent, Jesse B. Hall
  Subject: Critical care medicine -- Encyclopedias
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6.  Surgical atlas of sports orthopaedics and sports traumatology / Andreas B. Imhoff, Matthias J. Feucht (eds.) translated and edited by Dr. Mohamed Aboalata
  Subject: Sports injuries -- Surgery -- Atlases
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Viewing all 6 results of your selection

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