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1. Directory of trade and investment related organizations of developing countries and areas in Asia and the Pacific
  Subject: Investments, Foreign -- Pacific Area -- Directories; Investments, Foreign -- Asia -- Directories; Foreign trade promotion -- Pacific Area -- Directories; Foreign trade promotion -- Asia -- Directories
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2. Japan company handbook
  Subject: Japan -- Commerce -- Directories; Corporations -- Japan -- Finance -- Statistics; Corporations -- Japan -- Directories; Industries -- Japan -- Directories
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3. Routledge encyclopedia of international political economy ed. R.J. Barry Jones
  Subject: Economics -- Encyclopedias; International relations -- Encyclopedias; International economic relations -- Encyclopedias
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4. She hui shi chang jing ji ci dian Lexikon Soziale Marktwirtschaft / H. Luoerfu Hasai, Heerman Shinaide, Kelaosi Weigeerte zhu bian
  Subject: Germany -- Social policy -- Dictionaries -- German; Germany -- Economic policy -- 1990- -- Dictionaries -- German
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5. Trade facilitation terms an English-Russian glossary: in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation = Uproshchenie protsedur torgovli: anglo-russki glossari terminov: v sotrudnichestve s Torgovo-promyshlenno palato Ros
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- Russian; Commerce -- Dictionaries; Commerce -- Terminology; International trade -- Dictionaries; International trade -- Terminology
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6. Zhongguo shao shu min zu jing ji ci dian [zhu bian Shi Zhengyi]
  Subject: Minorities -- China -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Minorities -- China -- Economic conditions -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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7. Zhongguo shi chang jing ji jian she bai ke quan shu zhu bian Wu Jinglian, Zhang Zhuoyuan fu zhu bian He Cun, Jia Lrang, Qiao Gang
  Subject: China -- Economic conditions -- 1976-2000; China -- Economic policy -- 1976-2000; Mixed economy -- China -- Encyclopedias
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8. Zhongguo zhi ming min ying qi ye jia da ci dian Quan guo gong shang lian, Liaoning ren min chu ban she bian Huan Yushan zhu bian
  Subject: Businesspeople -- Dictionaries -- Chinese -- China; Industrialists -- Dictionaries -- Chinese -- China
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9. Zhongguo zi yuan ke xue bai ke quan shu bian ji Zhongguo zi yuan ke xue bai ke quan shu bian ji wei yuan hui, Zhongguo da bai ke quan shu chu ban she, Shi you da xue chu ban she [zhu bian Sun Honglie]
  Subject: Environmental management -- China -- Encyclopedias; Natural resources -- China -- Encyclopedias
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Viewing all 9 results of your selection

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