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1.  Atlas of interstitial cells of cajal in the gastrointestinal tract Terumasa Komuro
  Subject: Gastrointestinal system -- Cytology -- Atlases
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2.  Biochemical pathways an atlas of biochemistry and molecular biology / edited by Herhard Michal, Dietmar Schomburg
  Subject: Metabolism -- Atlases
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3.  Dictionary of nutraceuticals and functional foods N.A. Michael Eskin, Snait Tamir
  Subject: Foods, Specialized -- Dictionary -- English; Dietary Supplements -- Dictionary -- English; Dietary supplements -- Dictionaries; Functional foods -- Dictionaries
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4.  Hair follicle differentiation under electron microscope: an atlas / K. Morioka
  Subject: Microscopy, Electron -- Atlases; Cell Differentiation -- Atlases; Hair Follicle -- physiology -- Atlases; Hair Follicle -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Hair follicles -- Atlases; Hair follicles
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5.  Muskeltrainer Bernhard Tillmann
  Subject: Human anatomy -- Atlases; Muscles -- Atlases
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6.  Taschenatlas der Ernhrung. English
  Subject: Nutritional Physiological Phenomena; Nutrition; Nutrition -- Atlases; Nutrition -- Handbooks, manuals, etc
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7.  Taschenatlas der Physiologie. English
  Subject: Physiology -- Atlases; Human physiology -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Human physiology -- Atlases
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8.  Yun dong jie pou xue, yun dong yi xue da ci dian Yun dong jie pou xue, yun dong yi xue da ci dian bian ji wei yuan hui bian zhu [zhu bian Shi Zuoli, Yu Bao]
  Subject: Sports medicine -- Dictionaries; Human anatomy -- Dictionaries; Human physiology -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 8 results of your selection

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