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1. Associations on the net
  Subject: Learned institutions and societies -- Computer network resources -- Directories; Associations, institutions, etc. -- Computer network resources -- Directories
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2. The Europa world of learning the international guide to the academic world.
International in scope, each listing provides name address telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and internet addresses principal personnel activities and publications, where available of societies, museums, libraries, research institutions and universities worldwide.
  Subject: Museums -- Directories; Education, Higher -- Directories; Universities and colleges -- Directories; Learned institutions and societies -- Directories
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3. Gale directory library
Online compendium of directories on companies, publishers, associations, etc
  Subject: Nonprofit organizations -- United States -- Directories; Associations, institutions, etc. -- Directories
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4. Scholarly Societies Project sponsored by the University of Waterloo Library
  Subject: Scholarly Web sites -- Directories; Learned institutions and societies -- Directories
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