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1. Australian law dictionary general editor Trischa Mann consulting editor Audrey Blunden
  Subject: Law -- Australia -- Dictionaries
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2. A collection of mining laws of Spain and Mexico compiled and translated by H.W. Halleck
  Subject: Spain -- Colonies -- Mining law; Mineral industries -- Dictionaries; Mining law -- Mexico; Mining law -- Spain
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3. A compendious law dictionary containing both an explanation of the terms and the law itself: intended for the use of the country gentleman, the merchant, and the professional man / by Thomas Potts
  Subject: Law -- Great Britain -- Dictionaries; Law -- Dictionaries
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4. A dictionary of law [editor, Elizabeth A. Martin]
  Subject: Law -- Great Britain -- Dictionaries
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5. A dictionary of the Norman or Old French language collected from such acts of parliament, parliament rolls, journals, acts of state, records, law books, ... the names of dignities and offices, of persons and places and to render the reading of those recor
  Subject: Law, Medieval -- Dictionaries; Anglo-Norman dialect -- Dictionaries; Law -- Great Britain -- Terminology; Law -- Great Britain -- Dictionaries
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6. The Oxford companion to the High Court of Australia edited by Michael Coper, Tony Blackshield, George Williams
  Subject: Courts of last resort -- Australia -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 6 results of your selection

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