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1. Asphyxia and drowning an atlas / Jay Dix, Michael Graham and Randy Hanzlick
  Subject: Drowning -- Atlases; Asphyxia -- Atlases
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2. Atlas of conducted electrical weapon wounds and forensic analysis Jeffrey D. Ho, Donald M. Dawes, Mark W. Kroll, editors
  Subject: Electrical injuries -- Atlases
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3. Atlas of forensic pathology Joseph A. Prahlow and Roger W. Byard
  Subject: Forensic pathology -- Atlases
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4. Atlas of human hair microscopic characteristics Robert R. Ogle, Jr., Michelle J. Fox
  Subject: Forensic Medicine -- Atlases; Dermatology -- Atlases; Hair -- physiology -- Atlases; Forensic dermatology -- Atlases; Hair -- Analysis -- Atlases
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5. Color atlas of forensic pathology by Jay Dix
  Subject: Pathology -- Atlases; Forensic Medicine -- Atlases; Forensic pathology -- Atlases
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6. Essentials of forensic imaging a text-atlas / Angela D. Levy, H. Theodore Harcke Jr
  Subject: Diagnostic imaging -- Atlases; Autopsy -- Atlases; Diagnostic imaging; Autopsy
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7. Forensic autopsy a handbook and atlas / edited by Cristoforo Pomara, Steven B. Karch, Vittorio Fineschi
  Subject: Autopsy -- methods -- Atlases; Forensic Medicine -- methods; Autopsy -- methods; Forensic pathology; Autopsy
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8. Investigation of road traffic fatalities an atlas / Jay Dix, Michael Graham, and Randy Hanzlick
  Subject: Wounds and Injuries -- pathology -- atlases; Cause of Death -- atlases; Forensic Medicine -- methods -- atlases; Accidents, Traffic -- atlases; Traffic accident investigation -- Atlases
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9. Medicolegal neuropathology a color atlas / David Dolinak, Evan Matshes
  Subject: Forensic Medicine -- Atlases; Autopsy -- Atlases; Trauma, Nervous System -- pathology -- Atlases; Nervous System Diseases -- pathology -- Atlases; Nervous system -- Diseases -- Atlases; Forensic neurology -- Atlases
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10. A radiologic atlas of abuse, torture, terrorism, and inflicted trauma B.G. Brogdon, Hermann Vogel, John D. McDowell
  Subject: Forensic sciences -- Atlases; Wounds and injuries -- Imaging -- Atlases; Forensic radiography -- Atlases
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11. Terminal ballistics a text and atlas of gunshot wounds / Malcolm J. Dodd with a contribution from Karen Byrne
  Subject: Wounds, Gunshot -- pathology -- Atlases; Forensic Ballistics -- methods; Firearms -- Atlases; Forensic ballistics -- Atlases; Gunshot wounds -- Atlases
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12. Time of death, decomposition, and identification an atlas / Jay Dix, Michael Graham
  Subject: Time Factors -- atlases; Postmortem Changes -- atlases; Forensic Medicine -- methods -- atlases; Forensic pathology -- atlases
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Viewing all 12 results of your selection

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