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1.  222 keywords marketing: grundwissen fr manager / Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden (Hrsg.)
  Subject: Marketing -- Dictionaries -- German
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2.  Consumer resource & referral guide California Department of Consumer Affairs
  Subject: Consumer protection -- California -- Information services -- Directories; Consumer protection -- California -- Directories; Customer services -- California; Consumer complaints -- California
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3.  A dictionary of marketing Charles Doyle
  Subject: Marketing -- Terminology; Marketing -- Dictionaries
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4.  Green consumerism an A-to-Z guide / Juliana Mansvelt, general editor
  Subject: Consumer behavior -- Environmental aspects -- Encyclopedias; Consumption (Economics) -- Environmental aspects -- Encyclopedias; Consumers' preferences -- Environmental aspects -- Encyclopedias; Green marketing -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Lexikon Kennzahlen fr Marketing und Vertrieb das Marketing-Cockpit von A - Z / Willy Schneider, Alexander Hennig
  Subject: Selling -- Dictionaries; Marketing -- Dictionaries
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6.  National directory of farmers markets / United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Transportation and Marketing, Wholesale and Alternative Markets
  Subject: Farmers' markets -- United States -- Directories
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Viewing all 6 results of your selection

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