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1. The atlas of epilepsies C.P. Panayiotopoulos
  Subject: Epilepsy -- Treatment -- Atlases; Epilepsy -- Diagnosis -- Atlases; Epilepsy -- Atlases
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2. An atlas of headache Stephen Silberstein ... [et al.]
  Subject: Headache Disorders -- therapy -- Atlases; Headache Disorders -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Headache -- therapy -- Atlases; Headache -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Diagnostic imaging -- Atlases; Headache -- Atlases
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3. An atlas of multiple sclerosis Charles M. Poser foreword by W. Ian McDonald
  Subject: Multiple sclerosis -- Atlases
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4. An atlas of Parkinson's disease and related disorders G. David Perkin foreword by Anthony E. Lang
  Subject: Basal Ganglia Diseases -- Atlases; Parkinson Disease -- Atlases; Movement disorders -- Atlases; Parkinson's disease -- Atlases; Extrapyramidal disorders -- Atlases
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5. Color atlas of nerve biopsy pathology Shin J. Oh
  Subject: Nervous System Diseases -- pathology -- Atlases; Biopsy -- Atlases; Nervous System -- pathology -- Atlases; Nerves -- Biopsy -- Atlases
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6. A dictionary of neurological signs A.J. Larner
  Subject: Neurologic Manifestations -- Dictionary -- English; Neurology -- Dictionaries; Neurologic manifestations of general diseases -- Dictionaries; Symptoms -- Dictionaries; Nervous system -- Diseases -- Diagnosis -- Dictionaries
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7. A dictionary of neurological signs Andrew J. Larner
  Subject: Nervous System Diseases -- Dictionaries; Neurologic Manifestations -- Dictionaries; Neurology -- Dictionaries
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8. Frozen section library central nervous system / Richard A. Prayson, Karl M. Napekoski
  Subject: Diagnosis, Differential; Frozen Sections -- utilization; Frozen Sections -- classification; Frozen tissue sections -- Atlases; Central nervous system -- Diseases -- Atlases
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9. The Gale encyclopedia of neurological disorders Stacey L. Chamberlin, Brigham Narins, editors
  Subject: Nervous System Diseases -- Popular Works; Nervous System Diseases -- Encyclopedias -- English; Neurology -- Encyclopedias
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10. The MIT encyclopedia of communication disorders edited by Raymond D. Kent
  Subject: Communicative disorders -- Encyclopedias
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11. MRI atlas of lesions in multiple sclerosis M. A. Sahraian, E.-W. Radue
  Subject: Multiple Sclerosis -- pathology -- Atlases; Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- methods -- Atlases; Magnetic resonance imaging -- Atlases; Multiple sclerosis -- Pathogenesis -- Atlases
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12. Neonatal cranial ultrasonography guidelines for the procedure and atlas of normal ultrasound anatomy / Gerda van Wezel-Meijler
  Subject: Ultrasonography -- methods -- Atlases; Infant, Newborn -- Atlases; Brain Diseases -- ultrasonography -- Atlases; Ultrasonic imaging -- Atlases; Newborn infants -- Diseases -- Atlases; Ultrasonic encephalography -- Atlases; Brain -- Diseases -- Atlases
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13. Taschenatlas neurologie. English
  Subject: Nervous System -- Handbooks; Nervous System -- Atlases; Nervous System Diseases -- Handbooks; Nervous System Diseases -- Atlases; Neurology -- Atlases
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14. Therapielexikon Neurologie Peter Berlit (Hrsg.)
  Subject: Nervous System Diseases -- Dictionary -- German; Internal medicine; Family medicine; Neurology -- Dictionaries
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