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1. Atlas der Brustchirurgie M. Kaufmann (Hrsg.), I. Jatoi (Hrsg.), J.Y. Petit (Hrsg.)
  Subject: Surgery; Surgery, Plastic; Public health; Medicine; Gynecology; Breast -- Surgery -- Atlases
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2. Atlas of endometrial histopathology Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, Dietmar Schmidt, Friederike Dallenbach
  Subject: Endometrium -- Diseases -- Atlases; Endometrium -- Histopathology -- Atlases
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3. Atlas of nuclear cardiology Vasken Dilsizian, Jagat Narula, editors
  Subject: Cardiovascular Diseases -- radionuclide imaging -- Atlases; Heart -- radionuclide imaging -- Atlases; Cardiovascular system -- Radionuclide imaging -- Atlases
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4. Atlas of pelvic floor ultrasound Hans Peter Dietz, Lennox P.J. Hoyte, and Anneke B. Steensma
  Subject: Pelvic Floor -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Female Urogenital Diseases -- ultrasonography -- Atlases; Pelvic Floor -- ultrasonography -- Atlases; Pelvic floor -- Ultrasonic imaging -- Atlases
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5. Color atlas of fetal and neonatal histology editors: Linda M. Ernst, Eduardo D. Ruchelli and Dale S. Huff
  Subject: Infant, Newborn -- Atlases; Fetal Development -- Atlases; Fetus -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Newborn infants -- Histology -- Atlases; Fetus -- Histology -- Atlases
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6. Color atlas of gross placental pathology Cynthia G. Kaplan
  Subject: Placenta -- pathology -- Atlases; Placenta -- Abnormalities -- Atlases; Placenta -- Diseases -- Atlases
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7. Color atlas of histopathology of the cervix uteri Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz, Marcus J. Trunk
  Subject: Uterine Cervical Diseases -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Cytodiagnosis -- methods -- Atlases; Cervix Uteri -- pathology -- Atlases; Cytodiagnosis -- Atlases; Cervix uteri -- Diseases -- Atlases
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8. Essentials of diagnostic breast pathology a practical approach / Farid Moinfar
  Subject: Breast Diseases -- pathology -- Atlases; Breast Diseases -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Breast -- Diseases -- Diagnosis
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9. Fetal radiology a diagnostic atlas / Reinhard Schumacher, Laurie H. Seaver, Jrgen Spranger
  Subject: Osteochondrodysplasias -- radiography -- Atlases; Diagnosis, Differential -- Atlases; Musculoskeletal Abnormalities -- radiography -- Atlases; Fetus -- radiography -- Atlases; Diagnosis, Radioscopic; Fetus -- Development; Fetus -- Growth; Fetus -- Disease
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10. Fine needle aspiration cytology of the breast atlas of cyto-histologic correlates / Gary Tse, Puay Hoon Tan, Fernando Schmitt, authors
  Subject: Breast -- Needle biopsy -- Atlases
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11. Frozen section library breast / by Syed K. Mohsin
  Subject: Frozen tissue sections -- Atlases; Breast -- Diseases -- Atlases
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12. Frozen section library. Gynecologic pathology intraoperative consultation by Donna M. Coffey, Ibrahim Ramzy
  Subject: Frozen tissue sections -- Atlases; Gynecologic pathology -- Atlases
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13. Mammografia. English
  Subject: Mammography -- methods -- Atlases; Breast Neoplasms -- radiography -- Atlases; Breast -- Radiography
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