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1. An atlas of back pain Scott D. Haldeman, William H. Kirkaldy-Willis, Thomas N. Bernard, Jr
  Subject: Spinal Diseases -- pathology -- Atlases; Back Pain -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Back Pain -- etiology -- Atlases; Backache -- Atlases
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2. Endoprothesenatlas KNIE Klaus Blsius unter Mitarbeit von Joachim Robben
  Subject: Public health; Orthopedics; Orthopedic surgery; Artificial knee -- Atlases
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3. Hip sonography diagnosis and management of infant hip dysplasia / R. Graf with the collaboration of S. Scott ... [et al.]
  Subject: Infant; Hip Dislocation, Congenital -- ultrasonography -- Atlases; Hip Dislocation, Congenital -- ultrasonography; Hip joint -- Dislocation, Congenital -- Ultrasonic imaging -- Atlases; Hip joint -- Dislocation, Congenital -- Ultrasonic imaging
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4. Imaging spine after treatment: a case-based atlas / Tommaso Scarabino, Saverio Pollice, editors foreword by Carlo Faletti in collaboration with Paola D'Aprile...[and more]
  Subject: Spine -- Imaging -- Atlases
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5. MRI atlas orthopedics and neurosurgery: the spine / Martin Weyreuther ... [et al.] foreword by Karl-Jrgen Wolf translated by Bettina Herwig
  Subject: Spinal Injuries -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- methods -- Atlases; Spinal Diseases -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Spinal cord -- Surgery -- Atlases; Spine -- Surgery -- Atlases
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6. MRI of rheumatic spine: a case-based atlas / Paola D'Aprile in collaboration with Alfredo Tarantino
  Subject: Rheumatism -- Diagnosis -- Case studies; Rheumatism -- Diagnosis -- Atlases; Spine -- Diseases -- Magnetic resonance imaging -- Case studies; Spine -- Diseases -- Magnetic resonance imaging -- Atlases
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7. Operationsatlas fr die orthopdisch-unfallchirurgische Weiterbildung D. Kohn, T. Pohlemann unter Mitarbeit von E. Fritsch
  Subject: Surgery, Operative -- Atlases; Orthopedic surgery -- Atlases; Orthopedics -- Atlases
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8. Technische Orthopdie Orthesen und Schuhzurichtungen / Jrgen Specht, Matthias Schmitt, Joachim Pfeil
  Subject: Movement disorders -- Treatment -- Atlases; Bones -- Diseases -- Treatment -- Atlases; Orthopedic apparatus -- Atlases
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