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1.  Color atlas of ENT diagnosis Tony R. Bull, John Almeyda
  Subject: Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Otolaryngology -- Diagnosis; Otolaryngology -- Atlases
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2.  Colour atlas of the anatomy and pathology of the epitympanum T. Palva, in collaboration with H. Ramsay, C. Northrop
  Subject: Ear, Middle -- pathology -- Case Reports; Ear, Middle -- pathology -- Atlases; Ear, Middle -- anatomy & histology -- Case Reports; Ear, Middle -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Middle ear -- Histology -- Atlases; Middle ear -- Anatomy -- Atlases
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3.  Diseases of the inner ear a clinical, radiologic and pathologic atlas / Masoud Motasaddi Zarandy, John Rutka
  Subject: Labyrinth (Ear) -- Diseases -- Atlases
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4.  Encyclopedia of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery edited by Stilianos E. Kountakis
  Subject: Neck -- Surgery -- Encyclopedias; Head -- Surgery -- Encyclopedias; Otolaryngology -- Encyclopedias
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5.  Pediatric ear diseases diagnostic imaging atlas and case reports / Yasushi Naito
  Subject: Ear, Inner -- abnormalities -- Case Reports; Ear, Inner -- abnormalities -- Atlases; Child; Adolescent; Ear Diseases -- diagnosis -- Case Reports; Ear Diseases -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Pediatrics; Ear -- Diseases -- Diagnosis
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6.  The temporal bone an imaging atlas / John I. Lane, Robert J. Witte
  Subject: Temporal Bone -- pathology -- Atlases; Temporal Bone -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Temporal bone -- Diseases -- Diagnosis; Temporal bone -- Imaging
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