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1. Atlas der klinischen Hmatologie. English
  Subject: Hematologic Diseases -- pathology -- Atlases; Blood -- Diseases -- Atlases; Hematology -- Atlases
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2. Atlas of genetic diagnosis and counseling Harold Chen
  Subject: Prenatal Diagnosis -- Atlases; Genetic Diseases, Inborn -- Atlases; Genetic counseling -- Atlases; Genetic disorders -- Diagnosis -- Atlases
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3. Atlas of implantable therapies for pain management by Timothy Deer
  Subject: Infusion Pumps, Implantable -- Atlases; Implantable Neurostimulators -- Atlases; Drug Implants -- Atlases; Pain -- prevention & control -- Atlases; Electric Stimulation Therapy -- methods -- Atlases; Implants, Artificial -- Atlases; Pain -- Treatment
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4. Atlas of ultrasound-guided procedures in interventional pain management Samer N. Narouze [editor]
  Subject: Nerve Block -- methods; Pain -- ultrasonography; Pain -- prevention & control; Ultrasonics in medicine -- Atlases; Pain -- Treatment -- Atlases
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5. Color atlas of the autopsy Scott A. Wagner
  Subject: Forensic sciences -- Atlases; Autopsy -- Atlases
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6. Encyclopedia of medical genomics and proteomics edited by Jurgen Fuchs, Maurizio Podda
Written by over 400 experts in the field, this encyclopedia provides information on molecular medicine ranging from basic methods in gel electrophoresis to more specialized subjects such as fluorescence resonance energy transfer and tissue microarrays
  Subject: Proteomics -- Encyclopedias; Genomics -- Encyclopedias
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7. Encyclopedia of pain [Robert F. Schmidt, William D. Willis, editors]
  Subject: Pain -- Encyclopedias -- English; Pain -- Encyclopedias
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8. Frozen section library lung / Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle
  Subject: Lung Diseases -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Frozen Sections; Frozen Sections -- Atlases; Lung Diseases -- diagnosis; Lungs -- Diseases -- Atlases
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9. The Gale encyclopedia of genetic disorders Brigham Narins, project editor
  Subject: Diseases -- Encyclopedias; Medical genetics -- Encyclopedias
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10. Genes and disease NCBI
  Subject: Chromosomes, Human -- Atlases; Base Sequence -- Atlases; Genetic Diseases, Inborn -- genetics -- Atlases; Genetics
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11. Taschenatlas der allgemeinen Pathologie. English
  Subject: Pathology -- Atlases
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12. Yi xue yi chuan xue ci dian Zuo ji bian zhu
  Subject: Medical genetics -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 12 results of your selection

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