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1.  Atlas of pediatric cardiac CTA congenital heart disease / Randy Ray Richardson
  Subject: Congenital heart disease in children -- Tomography -- Atlases
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2.  Atlas of pediatric cutaneous biodiversity comparative dermatologic atlas of pediatric skin of all colors / Nanette B. Silverberg
  Subject: Pediatric dermatology -- Atlases
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3.  Atlas of PET/CT in pediatric patients / Angelina Cistaro, editor
  Subject: Pediatric tomography -- Atlases
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4.  Child abuse and its mimics in skin and bone B.G. Brogdon, Tor Shwayder, Jamie Elifritz
  Subject: Wounds and Injuries -- radiography -- Atlases; Skin Manifestations -- Atlases; Forensic Medicine -- methods -- Atlases; Diagnosis, Differential -- Atlases; Child Abuse -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Abused children -- Wounds and injuries -- Atlases
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5.  The Gale encyclopedia of children's health infancy through adolescence / Kristine Krapp and Jeffrey Wilson, editors
  Subject: Infant Welfare -- Popular Works; Infant Welfare -- Encyclopedias -- English; Child Welfare -- Popular Works; Child Welfare -- Encyclopedias -- English; Pediatrics -- Popular Works; Pediatrics -- Encyclopedias -- English; Pediatrics -- Encyclopedias; Child
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6.  Hand bone age a digital atlas of skeletal maturity / by Vicente Gilsanz, Osman Ratib
  Subject: Hand -- Radiography -- Atlases; Skeletal maturity -- Atlases; Human beings -- Age determination -- Atlases
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7.  Hand bone age a digital atlas of skeletal maturity / Vicente Gilsanz, Osman Ratib
  Subject: Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted -- Atlases; Infant; Child; Adolescent; Hand -- growth & development -- Atlases; Age Determination by Skeleton -- Atlases; Ossification -- Atlases; Teenagers -- Growth -- Atlases; Children -- Growth
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8.  Inheriting the world: the atlas of children's health and the environment / Bruce Gordon, Richard Mackay and Eva Rehfuess
  Subject: Epidemiology -- statistics & numerical data -- Child -- Atlases; Wounds and Injuries -- epidemiology -- Child -- Atlases; Environmental Pollution -- adverse effects -- Child -- Atlases; Mortality -- trends -- Child -- Atlases; Infant Mortality -- tren
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9.  Pediatric and adolescent musculoskeletal MRI a cased-based approach / J. Herman Kan, Paul K. Kleinman orthopedic consultants, Mark C. Gebhardt, Mininder S. Kocher
  Subject: Musculoskeletal Diseases -- radiography -- Atlases; Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- Atlases; Child; Adolescent; Musculoskeletal System -- radiography -- Atlases; Musculoskeletal System -- injuries -- Atlases; Adolescent medicine -- Case studies; Sports inju
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10.  Pediatric brain and spine an atlas of MRI and spectroscopy / L.M. Ketonen ... [et al.]
  Subject: Infant; Child; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy -- Atlases; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy -- Adolescent -- Atlases; Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- Atlases; Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- Adolescent -- Atlases; Spinal Cord Diseases -- radiography -- Atlases
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11.  Pediatric neuropathology a text-atlas / Dawna Armstrong ... [et al.]
  Subject: Child; Nervous System Diseases -- Atlases; Pediatric neurology -- Diagnosis -- Atlases; Pediatric neurology -- Atlases
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