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1.  The American year-book and national register for 1869 Astronomical, historical, political, financial, commercial, agricultural, educational, and religious. A general view of the United States, including every department of the national and state governmen
  Subject: United States -- Registers; Almanacs, American
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2.  The Oxford guide to the United States government John J. Patrick, Richard M. Pious and Donald A. Ritchie
  Subject: United States -- Politics and government -- Encyclopedias
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3.  The political text-book, or Encyclopedia Containing everything necessary for the reference of the politicians and statesmen of the United States. Edited by M. W. Cluskey
  Subject: United States -- Politics and government -- Dictionaries; Encyclopedias and dictionaries
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4.  Washington information directory
  Subject: Washington (D.C.) -- Directories; Washington Metropolitan Area -- Directories; Non-governmental organizations -- Washington Metropolitan Area -- Directories; Associations, institutions, etc. -- Washington Metropolitan Area -- Directories; Administrative a
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Viewing all 4 results of your selection

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