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1. IRS publication 78 - cumulative list of organizations
  Subject: Income tax deductions for charitable contributions -- United States -- Directories; Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations -- United States -- Directories
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2. State budget offices [web site]
  Subject: State governments -- Officials and employees -- Directories; Budget -- United States -- States -- Directories
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3. Zhongguo da bai ke quan shu. Cai zheng, shui shou, jin rong, jia ge [zhongguo da bai ke quan shu zong bian ji wei yuan hui Cai zheng shui shou jin rong jia ge bian ji wei yuan hui, zhongguo da bai ke quan shu chu ban she bian ji bu bian]
  Subject: Prices; Finance; Taxation -- Encyclopedias; Finance, Public -- Encyclopedias
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Viewing all 3 results of your selection

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