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1. Applied radiological anatomy for medical students edited by Paul Butler, Adam W.M. Mitchell, Harold Ellis
  Subject: Anatomy -- Atlases; Education, Medical; Diagnostic imaging; Radiology, Medical; Human anatomy -- Atlases
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2. Atlas der Videokapselendoskopie Martin Keuchel, Friedrich Hagenmller (Hrsg.)
  Subject: Capsules -- Atlases; Endoscopy, Gastrointestinal -- methods -- Atlases; Gastrointestinal system -- Examination -- Atlases; Endoscopy -- Atlases
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3. Atlas of PET-CT a quick guide to image interpretation / by Stefano Fanti, Mohsen Farsad, Luigi Mansi
  Subject: Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted -- Atlases; Diagnostic Imaging -- Atlases; Tomography, X-Ray Computed -- Atlases; Positron-Emission Tomography -- Atlases; Tomography -- Atlases; Tomography, Emission -- Atlases
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4. Atlas of SPECT-CT Stefano Fanti, Mohsen Farsad, Luigi Mansi
  Subject: Tomography, X-Ray Computed -- methods -- Atlases; Tomography, Emission-Computed, Single-Photon -- methods -- Atlases; Single-photon emission computed tomography -- Atlases
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5. Cone beam CT of the head and neck an anatomical atlas / Chung How Kau ... [et al.]
  Subject: Neck -- radiography -- Atlases; Cone-Beam Computed Tomography -- methods -- Atlases; Head -- radiography -- Atlases; Neck -- Tomography -- Atlases; Head -- Tomography -- Atlases
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6. Diffusion tensor imaging introduction and atlas / Bram Stieltjes ... [et al.]
  Subject: Diffusion Tensor Imaging -- Atlases; Diffusion tensor imaging
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7. Encyclopedia of diagnostic imaging Albert L. Baert (ed.)
  Subject: Diagnostic imaging -- Encyclopedias
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8. Enfermedades y trastornos de la salud Neil Izenberg, Redactor jefe
  Subject: Medicine, Popular -- Encyclopedias, Juvenile; Medicine, Popular -- Encyclopedias
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9. Hospital images a clinical atlas / Paul Aronowitz
  Subject: Patient Care Management; Emergency Medicine; Diagnosis -- Case Reports; Diagnosis -- Atlases; Diagnostic imaging -- Case studies; Diagnostic imaging -- Examinations, questions, etc; Diagnostic imaging -- Atlases
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10. Human diseases and conditions Miranda Herbert Ferrara, editor
  Subject: Medicine, Popular -- Encyclopedias
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11. Imaging atlas of the pelvic floor and anorectal diseases [edited by] Mario Pescatori ... [et al.] forewords by Clive I. Bartram, Robert D. Madoff
  Subject: Ultrasonography -- methods; Tomography, X-Ray Computed -- methods; Rectal Diseases -- diagnosis -- Atlases; Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- methods; Rectal Diseases -- diagnosis; Pelvic floor -- Imaging; Pelvic floor -- Diseases; Gastrointestinal system --
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12. Imaging diagnostico 100 Casi dalla pratica clinica / R. Ribes, A. Luna, P.R. Ros (Eds.)
  Subject: Diagnostic imaging -- Atlases
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13. Nuclear medicine imaging an encyclopedic dictionary / Joseph A. Thie
  Subject: Nuclear medicine -- Dictionaries; Radioisotope scanning -- Dictionaries
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14. Oncologic and cardiologic PET/CT-diagnosis an interdisciplinary atlas and manual / Wolfgang Mohnike, Gustav Hr, Heinrich R. Schelbert (eds.) with contributions by Thomas Beyer, Konrad Mohnike, Stefan Kpplinger
  Subject: Positron-Emission Tomography -- methods -- Atlases; Neoplasms -- radionuclide imaging -- Atlases; Heart -- radionuclide imaging -- Atlases; Heart -- Imaging; Cancer -- Imaging; Tomography, Emission; Tomography
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15. PET-CT beyond FDG a quick guide to image interpretation / Stefano Fanti, Mohsen Farsad, Luigo Mansi
  Subject: Radiopharmaceuticals -- diagnostic use -- Atlases; Fluorodeoxyglucose F18 -- diagnostic use -- Atlases; Tomography, Emission-Computed -- Atlases; Positron-Emission Tomography -- Atlases; Tomography, Emission -- Atlases; Tomography, Emission
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16. See right through me an imaging anatomy atlas / Savvas Andronikou, editor
  Subject: Human anatomy -- Atlases; Diagnostic imaging -- Atlases
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Viewing all 16 results of your selection

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