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1. The concise Oxford dictionary of world religions general editor, John Bowker
  Subject: Religions -- Dictionaries
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2. Encyclopedia of fundamentalism Brenda E. Brasher, editor
  Subject: Fundamentalism -- Encyclopedias
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3. Encyclopedia of religion Lindsay Jones, editor in chief
  Subject: Religion -- Encyclopedias
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4. Encyclopedia of religious and spiritual development editors, Elizabeth M. Dowling, W. George Scarlett
  Subject: Youth -- Religious life -- Encyclopedias; Youth -- Psychology -- Encyclopedias; Faith development -- Encyclopedias
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5. Encyclopedia of science and religion J. Wentzel Vrede van Huyssteen, editor in chief
  Subject: Religion and science -- Encyclopedias
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6. Shi jie zong jiao ren wu ci dian zhu bian Chu Xiufeng, Tong Jie
  Subject: Religious biography -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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7. Worldmark encyclopedia of religious practices Thomas Riggs, editor in chief
  Subject: Religions -- Encyclopedias
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Viewing all 7 results of your selection

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