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1. Encyclopedia of social welfare history in North America editors, John M. Herrick and Paul H. Stuart
  Subject: Social reformers -- United States -- Encyclopedias; Social reformers -- Mexico -- Encyclopedias; Social reformers -- Canada -- Encyclopedias; Public welfare -- United States -- Encyclopedias; Public welfare -- Mexico -- Encyclopedias; Public welfare -- Ca
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2. Encyclopedia of world poverty general editor, Mehmet Odekon
  Subject: Poverty -- Encyclopedias; Poor -- Encyclopedias
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3. International non-governmental organisations, foundations and trusts in Viet Nam
  Subject: Vietnam -- Industries -- Directories; Vietnam -- Commerce -- Directories; Business enterprises -- Vietnam -- Directories; Human services -- Vietnam -- Directories; International relief -- Vietnam -- Societies, etc. -- Directories; International relief --
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Viewing all 3 results of your selection

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