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1.  Makesi En'gesi Liening Sidalin Mao Zedong zhu zuo da ci dian zhu bian Gao Di
  Subject: Communism -- Bibliography; Communism -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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2.  Makesi zhu yi si xiang ci dian Tangmu Botuomo'er zhu [i.e. edit] Chen Shuping ... [et al.] yi Chen Shuping jiao
  Subject: Socialism -- Dictionaries
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3.  She hui zhu yi da ci dian Gao Fang zhu bian [Gao Fang, Xu Huagang deng zhuan]
  Subject: Communism -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Socialism -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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4.  Zhongguo she hui zhu yi jian she ci dian / zhu bian Ge Mingzhong, Zhang Lizhong
  Subject: Socialism -- Dictionaries -- China
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Viewing all 4 results of your selection

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