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1. Comparative anatomy and histology a mouse and human atlas / editors, Piper M. Treuting, Suzanne M. Dintzis associate editors, Charles W. Frevert, Denny Liggitt technical editor, Kathleen S. Montine
  Subject: Anatomy, Comparative -- Atlases; Mice -- Anatomy -- Atlases
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2. The marmoset brain in stereotaxic coordinates Xavier Palazzi, Nicole Bordier
  Subject: Stereotaxic Techniques -- veterinary -- Atlases; Brain -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Callithrix -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Animals, Laboratory -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Stereotaxic techniques -- Atlases; Marmosets as labo
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3. Micro-tomographic atlas of the mouse skeleton Itai Bab ... [et al.]
  Subject: Tomography, X-Ray Computed -- Atlases; Bone and Bones -- radiography -- Atlases; Mice -- anatomy & histology -- Atlases; Skeleton -- Tomography; Mice -- Anatomy -- Atlases
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4. Multilingual dictionary of fish and fish products prepared by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) = Dictionnaire multilingue des poissons et produits de la pche / prpar par l'Organisation de coopration et de dveloppem
  Subject: Dictionaries, Polyglot; Fishery products -- Dictionaries -- Polyglot; Fishes -- Dictionaries -- Polyglot
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5. New encyclopedia of birds edited by Christopher Perrins
  Subject: Birds -- Encyclopedias
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6. The new encyclopedia of reptiles and amphibians edited by Tim Halliday and Kraig Adler
  Subject: Amphibians -- Encyclopedias; Reptiles -- Encyclopedias
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Viewing all 6 results of your selection

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