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51.  Statistics Canada
  Subject: Canada -- Statistics
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52.  Statistics data [Japan], Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Statistics Bureau, Director-General for Policy Planning (Statistical standards) & Statistical Research and Training Institute
  Subject: Japan -- Statistics
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53.  Systemic aspects of innovation and design: the perspective of collaborative networks / by Marzia Mortati
  Subject: Statistics; Humanities; Economics -- Statistics; Architecture; Technological innovations; Design; Teams in the workplace
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54.  UNESCO Institute for Statistics
  Subject: Technology -- Statistics; Science -- Statistics; Education -- Statistics
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55.  USA statistics in brief
  Subject: United States -- Statistics
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56.  Using American community survey data to expand access to the school meals program / Allen Schirm and Nancy Kirkendall, editors Panel on Estimating Children Eligible for School Nutrition Programs Using the American Community Survey, Committee on Nation
  Subject: United States -- Statistical services; School children -- Food -- United States -- Statistics; National school lunch program; School children -- Nutrition -- Government policy -- United States; School children -- Food -- United States
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57.  Vital and health statistics. Series 16, Compilations of advance data from vital and health statistics
  Subject: United States -- Statistics, Medical; United States -- Statistics, Vital; Health Surveys -- United States -- statistics; Vital Statistics -- United States
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58.  Where to write for vital records
  Subject: United States -- Statistics, Vital -- Directories; Vital Statistics -- United States -- Directory; Records -- United States -- Directory; Registers of births, etc. -- United States -- Directories
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59.  Women and children beware the economic consequences of divorce in Connecticut a research report / prepared by Leslie J. Brett, Sharon Toffey Shepela, Janet Kniffin research consultants, Jennifer Brown, G. Donald Ferree
  Subject: Support (Domestic relations) -- Connecticut -- Statistics; Divorce settlements -- Connecticut -- Statistics; Divorce -- Connecticut
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60.  World databank The World Bank Group
  Subject: Medical statistics -- Databases; Population -- Statistics -- Databases; Education -- Statistics -- Databases; Economic development -- Statistics -- Databases; Social indicators -- Databases; Economic indicators -- Databases
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