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1. California State Teachers' Retirement System: actuarial valuations as of .
  Subject: Pension trusts -- California -- Evaluation; Teachers -- Pensions -- California -- Statistics
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2. Data volume for the national education goals report
  Subject: Educational evaluation -- United States -- Statistics; Education -- United States -- Statistics; Education -- Aims and objectives -- United States -- Statistics
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3. DataQuest California Department of Education
  Subject: Educational indicators -- California; Educational accountability -- California -- Statistics; Public schools -- California -- Statistics; Educational tests and measurements -- California; Education -- California -- Statistics
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4. Federal libraries and information centers data FY ... on disk National Center for Education Statistics
  Subject: Education -- United States -- Statistics -- Databases
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5. NAEP ... trends in academic progress / prepared by Educational Testing Service under contract with the National Center for Education Statistics
  Subject: Academic achievement -- United States -- Statistics
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6. OECD education statistics
The UNESCO/OECD/EUROSTAT (UOE) database on education covers the outputs of educational institutions, the policy levers that shape educational outputs, the human and financial resources invested in education, structural characteristics of education systems, and the economic and social ... read more
  Subject: Education -- Evaluation -- Statistics -- Cross-cultural studies -- Databases; Educational indicators -- Cross-cultural studies -- Statistics -- Databases
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7. State profiles of public elementary and secondary education
  Subject: Educational surveys -- United States -- States -- Statistics; Education -- United States -- States -- Statistics; Public schools -- United States -- States -- Statistics
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Viewing all 7 results of your selection

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