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1.  The American community survey / U.S. Census Bureau
  Subject: United States -- Statistics -- Databases; Metropolitan areas -- United States -- Statistics -- Databases
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2.  The AmericasBarometer by the Latin American Public Opinion Project
  Subject: Political participation -- Latin America -- Public opinion -- Statistics; Social surveys -- Latin America -- Statistics; Public opinion -- Latin America -- Statistics
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3.  Polling the nations
A compilation of questions and responses from more than 12,000 national, state, local and special surveys, conducted by 700 polling organizations in the United States and 70 other countries from 1986 through the present. Each record in ... read more
  Subject: Public opinion -- United States -- Statistics; Public opinion polls -- Statistics
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4.  Rapid growth of selected asian economies. lessons and implications for agriculture and food security
  Subject: Asia -- Commerce -- Statistics; Asia -- Economic policy; Economic development -- Social aspects; Agriculture and state -- Asia; Food supply -- Government policy -- Asia; Rural development -- Asia
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5.  Women and children beware the economic consequences of divorce in Connecticut a research report / prepared by Leslie J. Brett, Sharon Toffey Shepela, Janet Kniffin research consultants, Jennifer Brown, G. Donald Ferree
  Subject: Support (Domestic relations) -- Connecticut -- Statistics; Divorce settlements -- Connecticut -- Statistics; Divorce -- Connecticut
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Viewing all 5 results of your selection

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