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1.  Commercial buildings energy consumption survey. Public use data diskettes
  Subject: Commercial buildings -- Energy consumption -- United States -- Statistics -- Databases; Commercial buildings -- Energy conservation -- United States -- Statistics -- Databases
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2.  IEA renewables information
Provides reliable statistics on renewables energy in OECD Member countries to a global audience of energy experts and organisations in the field. It is a comprehensive database of basic statistics compiled by the IEA on electricity and ... read more
  Subject: Recycling (Waste, etc.) -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases; Power resources -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases; Renewable energy sources -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases
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3.  Monthly energy review database
  Subject: Energy consumption -- United States; Energy consumption -- United States -- Statistics; Power resources -- United States; Power resources -- United States -- Statistics
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4.  WEPS archival of world energy projection system
  Subject: Energy consumption -- Forecasting -- Databases; Power resources -- Forecasting -- Databases; Energy consumption -- Statistics -- Databases; Power resources -- Statistics -- Databases
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Viewing all 4 results of your selection

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