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1.  Connecticut women in the new millennium not equal yet! / published by the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women
  Subject: Women -- Employment -- Connecticut -- Statistics; Women -- Connecticut -- Social conditions -- Statistics; Women -- Connecticut -- Economic conditions -- Statistics
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2.  Demographic and Health Surveys MEASURE DHS: [web site]
Demographic and Health Surveys provide national and sub-national data on family planning, maternal and child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS/sexually transmitted infections (STIs), infectious diseases, reproductive health and nutrition. The STATcompiler feature allows users to select numerous countries ... read more
  Subject: Children -- Health and hygiene -- Statistics; HIV infections -- Statistics; AIDS (Disease) -- Statistics; Fertility, Human -- Statistics; Birth control -- Statistics; Women -- Statistics
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3.  Status of Iowa women report by the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
  Subject: Women -- Political activity -- Iowa -- Statistics; Women -- Crimes against -- Iowa -- Statistics; Women -- Iowa -- Economic conditions -- Statistics; Women -- Health and hygiene -- Iowa -- Statistics; Women -- Education -- Iowa -- Statistics; Women -- Iow
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4.  Sub-Saharan Africa, gender The World Bank Group
  Subject: Women -- Africa, Sub-Saharan -- Statistics; Women in development -- Africa, Sub-Saharan; Women -- Africa, Sub-Saharan -- Social conditions; Women -- Africa, Sub-Saharan -- Economic conditions
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Viewing all 4 results of your selection

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