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1.  Social explorer
Our objective is to help visually analyze and understand the demography of the U.S. through the use of interactive maps and data reports. Our primary functions include Demographic Data Analysis, Interactive Map/Report Design and Software Development. Our ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Maps -- Databases; United States -- Population -- Statistics -- Databases; United States -- Census -- Maps -- Databases; Demography -- United States -- Statistics -- Databases
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2.  A summary of natural hazard fatalities for ... in the United States
  Subject: Natural disasters -- United States -- Statistics; Mortality -- United States -- Statistics
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3.  Unintentional injury deaths, California
  Subject: Mortality -- California -- Statistics; Accidents -- California -- Statistics
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4.  World mortality report / Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division
  Subject: Mortality -- Statistics
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5.  Zhongguo ren kou pu cha shu ju ku
Contains a full-text and data archive of major national population censuses held in 2010, 2000, and 1990, with data back to 1982 and categorized by geographic or administrative divisions
  Subject: China -- Population -- Statistics -- Databases; China -- Census -- Databases
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Viewing all 5 results of your selection

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