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UC Irvine Libraries Digital Scholarship Service

The UCI Libraries Digital Scholarship Service helps the UC Irvine community publish, share and preserve the digital products of research. Subject librarians will assess your needs, provide guidance on your rights, and make referrals to appropriate digital services. In some cases, the Libraries may collaborate with you to create customized solutions.

What does the Digital Scholarship Service provide?
Why use the Digital Scholarship Service?

Subject Librarians will assist UCI faculty and research staff in identifying the most appropriate service for publishing, sharing, and/or archiving the digital products of their research.  The Libraries most commonly recommend the following services:

Organizing Your Research Data

Publishing Your Research

  • UC eScholarship
    Start publishing the full range of your scholarship with UC eScholarship. eScholarship provides open access, scholarly publishing services for scholarly journals, books, preprints/postprints, conference proceedings, seminar series, and more. Also offers peer-review systems, persistent access, and preservation services for publications, video formats, and data files.
  • UCIspace @ the Libraries
    Publish, manage, and preserve your scholarly output in an open access platform supported by the Libraries. Submissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis, and include a wide variety of digital materials (e.g., audio, video, images, data, text-based research collections, etc.). 

Acknowledgement and Sharing Your Research

  • EZID
    A service to create and manage unique, long-term identifiers for texts, datasets, images, and other formats.
  • DataUp
    An open source tool helping researchers document, manage, and archive their tabular data.

These services are just some of the options for digital publishing available to UCI faculty or research staff. Subject Librarians may also recommend services unique to your discipline.  To explore these or other services further, please contact your Subject Librarian or the Libraries Digital Scholarship Team.