Insights from the Helping Professions

"Insights from the Helping Professions" reflects distinctive thinking about the bases of human behavior, indicates how individuals and groups can change, and provides insights into the processes of individual and group conflict. The academic disciplines and realms of professional experience reflected in the "Insights" series include perspectives within counseling, psychology, and psychiatry as well as two more traditional disciplines, anthropology and sociology, which have influenced professional practice in the helping professions. Considerations of human nature, the influences of gender, and the processes of socialization relevant to attaining peace are embedded throughout the "Insights" series.

Changing Persons

Understanding the Context for Seeking Peace

  • Remember Your Humanity and Forget the Rest
    Jerome Frank, M.D., 1984
  • Government Needs to be Taken Out of the Hands of the People Who Lead
    Mary Goulding, 1986
  • The Current World Belief Systems Do Not Support Peace
    Robert Goulding, 1986
  • Psychiatric Aspects of the Prevention of Nuclear War
    Judd Marmor, M.D., 1984
  • All of Us Will Make It Together or None of Us Will
    Roger Walsh, M.D., 1987
  • A Psychological Profile of U.S.-Soviet Relations
    Ralph K. White, 1984