UC Irvine Libraries - UROP Partnership

The mission of the UC Irvine Libraries’ UROP ( - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) Partnership is to create and promote a dynamic, student-centered research environment that encourages inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity for UCI undergraduates.

All students whose UROP proposals are accepted receive the following special benefits from the Libraries:

  • Extended borrowing privileges of 90 days
  • Access to Nordstrom Honors Study Room (LL 472)
  • Unlimited Interlibrary Loan
In addition, students whose research includes significant and creative use of scholarly information resources are eligible to be considered for the Library UROP Research Fellowship Awards.  More information about the LURF Awards appears below.

More information about UROP is available at www.urop.uci.edu/about.html

The Libraries-UROP Research Fellowship (LURF) Award was established in 2005 to recognize student writing on faculty-mentored undergraduate research or creative projects that:

• make significant use of scholarly information resources, the library, and its collections;
• demonstrate comprehensive or creative applications of research methodology;
• and/or focus on research about the scholarly information-production process itself.

As part of the online UROP proposal submission process, undergraduate students who wish to be considered for a LURF award will be asked to elaborate within their proposal on how they intend to use library print or electronic resources. Based on recommendations by a panel of librarians, this Fellowship will provide up to $500 in additional funds for project-related supplies and expenses. In addition, Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with a research librarian who is a subject expert in the student’s field of inquiry.

Application Procedure (for Students)

  1. Follow the online proposal submission process and guidelines on the UROP Web site: www.urop.uci.edu/grants.html
  2. Check the option “I wish to be considered for the LURF Award” with a link to description and benefits of the award.
  3. In order to be considered for the Fellowship, proposals must include:
    • a statement that describes your research strategy,
    • a detailed explanation of the use you will make of library and/or information resources,
    • a summary of the contributions that library and/or information resources will make to the outcome of your project.

Selection Procedure

  1. The UROP Faculty Advisory Board reviews, evaluates, and makes funding recommendations on submitted proposals.
  2. If recommended by the Faculty Board for funding, the proposal will be reviewed and considered for the LURF Award by a panel of librarians and the UROP Director.

LURF awards are co-sponsored by the UC Irvine Libraries’ Nellie Ansley Reeves Library Endowed Fund and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Fellows are encouraged to present their research at the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium held in May of each academic year, to write a paper that presents their research findings, and to submit their manuscripts for possible publication in The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal.

Contact Cathy Palmer (cpalmer@uci.edu , 4-4972) for more information about the Libraries-UROP Research Fellowship Award program.

Libraries Support Student Research through LURF

As part of campus-wide effort to support undergraduate research, The UCI Libraries, in cooperation with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, sponsor the Libraries-UROP Research Fellowship Awards. Co-funded by the Libraries' Nellie Ansley Reeves Award Endowed Fund and UROP, LURF awards provide recognition and support to selected fellows whose research projects make significant use of library resources, demonstrate creative applications of research methodology, or focus on research about the scholarly information process. The Fellowship provides up to $500 to encourage completion of the project. In addition to their faculty mentors, LURF Fellows have the opportunity to work closely with a research librarian who is a subject expert in the student's field of inquiry.

Faculty mentors can encourage their students to include information on how the students intend to make extensive, innovative or creative use of information resources in their UROP proposal. Submissions are judged on how well student researchers demonstrate:

  • Unusual depth or broadness in the use of library resources and collections, including, but not limited to, printed resources, databases, primary resources, and materials in all media.
  • Extraordinary ability to identify, locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize library resources and to use them in the creation of a project in any medium that shows originality and/or has the potential to lead to original research in the future.
  • Demonstration of significant personal knowledge in the methods of research and inquiry.


The winners of the 2014-15 Library-UROP Fellowship Awards illustrate the diversity of projects that the Libraries have selected for recognition.

UCI Libraries-UROP Research Fellowship Award Winners 2014-15

LURF winner dong
Pauline Dong, $500 for “Gi?i Khuy?n H?c (GKH) in Orange County: Cultural Transmission through Vietnamese Language Education.”
LURF winner mcneese
Jazmyne McNeese, $300 for “Special Call: Black Economic Discourse, Assessing Wealth, Gender, and Linked Fate.”
LURF winner liu
Stella Liu, $300 for “Orange County's Agriculture: Then, Now, and the Future.”
LURF winner chin
Anastasia Chin, $100 for “A Ludonarrative Approach: Cognitive Estrangement as a Game Mechanic.”
LURF winner hogan=
Scott Hogan, $100 for
Das Nibelungenlied: Creating and Justifying Germany's National Myth during the Weimar Republic.”
LURF winner holland=
Michaela Holland, $100 for “10 Anteaters That Will Change the World.”


Previous Winners:

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