Ad Hoc Committee

  • University Librarian - Lorelei Tanji (Co-Chair)
  • Academic Senate CORCL Chair (2017-2018) - Prof. Nasrin Rahimieh (Co-Chair)
  • Academic Senate CORCL Chair (2018-2019) - Prof. Jeffrey Barrett, Logic & Philosophy of Science
  • Vice Provost Teaching & Learning; Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education– Prof. Michael Dennin
  • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, School of Biological Sciences – Prof. Raju Metherate
  • President, Associated Students of UCI – Annie Le 2018-2019; Lydia Natoolo 2017-2018
  • President, Associated Graduate Students – Michelle Chan (with delegated AGS representation by Richard Prince and Amy Shine)
  • Director, Space Management – Gregory Jue

The Ad Hoc Committee began its work in February 2018 and completed its charge in January 2019.