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We are actively building a collection of artists' books dating from the 1960s to the present (more than 700 volumes to date, most of them published after 1990), encompassing nearly all aspects of the genre from "normal" published works to altered, sculptural, painted, and unique books. The collection has three major foci: works that explore gender and sexuality; works that engage contemporary American politics; and works produced in Latin American countries or by Latina/o artists.


What are Artists' Books?

According to scholar, critic, and book artist Johanna Drucker, an artists’ book "interrogates the conceptual or material form of the book as part of its intention, thematic interests, or production activities." This artistic intervention can include "fine printing, independent publishing, the craft tradition of books, conceptual art, painting and other traditional arts, politically motivated art activity and activist production, performance of both traditional and experimental varieties, concrete poetry, experimental music, computer and electronic arts, and last but not least, the tradition of the illustrated book, the livre d’artiste." –quoted from Johanna Drucker, The Century of Artists’ Books (New York: Granary books, 1999): 3, 2.

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