Creating Links from Your Course Web Page to Course Reserves Materials and Articles

Do you have a course web page that you have created for your students?  If you have already submitted materials to Reserve Services and would like to create links from your web page to your reserve list on ANTPAC, then follow the directions below.

Creating a link from your class home page to your library reserves listing is quite simple.

  • Go to the ANTPAC home page at
  • Click on the "Course Reserves" button.
  • Search for your course listing either using your last name or your course name (for the latter, use the full department name and a triple digit format -- ie, use "Criminology, Law and Society 007" of "J7").

    When you have reached your specific course page, copy the page location information (URL) from your Web browser.

  • The HTML format for creating a link in your class homepage would be this: <a href="">Course Reserves</a>

You can call your link anything you want -- "Reserve Readings," "Library Reserves," etc.  You can also link to this page from specific references in your course syllabus.  Just highlight the citation and add a link to the Library Reserves page for your course. 

Linking to Articles

Most databases provide direct links to articles that you can copy and paste into your course web site allowing students easy access to the readings. We recommend you do this rather than download a pdf to post on your site. Libraries count usage of electronic resources based on how many “clicks” they get and you can help us measure the value of these resources by leading students to the urls from your course web site.

If you have questions about how to create a permanent link to a specific article, please Ask a Librarian at

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