Diversity in the Libraries

"Diversity is a dynamic tapestry rather than a static list of attributes. Every person is a complex individual with multiple overlapping identities. The UCI Libraries recognizes the value of each individual based on unique characteristics which may include commonly acknowledged measures of diversity such as ethnicity, race, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and religion. We also recognize and appreciate that diversity extends beyond these measures to include many other characteristics related to experience, cultural heritage, personality type, learning style, and much more."

-- from the UCI Libraries Diversity Statement


"The UCI Libraries celebrates diversity in its users, staff, collections and resources. We are dedicated to providing an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued and respected. As the intellectual crossroads for the campus, we work diligently to develop, and make available, collections and services that support the diverse needs of the UCI community."

-- Lorelei Tanji, University Librarian


From our collections


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