Document Delivery Service Frequently Asked Questions

What is DDS?

Document Delivery Service (DDS) delivers both Interlibrary Loan and UCI-owned library materials to eligible UCI faculty, graduate students, and administrators. Eligibility is based on department participation.

Who can participate in DDS?

UCI faculty, administrators and some graduate students are eligible to participate in DDS. "Administrators" refers to department chairs or heads, deans, managers, etc.

  • Some departments only allow faculty to participate in DDS.
  • Not all departments allow graduate students to participate.
  • Administrative staff (AA I, II, III) are not eligible to participate in DDS.

The DDS staff and your department may determine department participation and your eligibility.

How do I sign up for DDS?

Contact the DDS office staff at:

DDS arrangements must be made in advance of submitting requests.

How much does DDS cost to use?

Photocopied or desktop delivery materials are charged at the rates below to your departmental recharge number (KFS number).  Recharge/KFS numbers are issued at the discretion of your department and are required when you sign up for DDS.

  • Printed materials: $3.50 per article (up to 20 pages) with a charge of $.20 per additional exposure.
  • Microform materials: $3.50 per article (up to 10 pages) with a charge of $.50 per additional exposure.

Delivery and pickup of books are offered at no charge.

When does DDS deliver materials?

DDS delivers materials by courier to the UCI departments on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Deliveries can be cancelled without notice. 

Contact the Grunigen Medical Library (714-456-5581 or for their delivery schedule.

Desktop delivery (DTD) of materials occurs throughout the day. Users are notified via email when DTD materials are available for retrieval on the secure web server.

What are the DDS delivery requirements?

  • A signature is required for all deliveries from a department representative. If no one is in the department to sign for delivery, another delivery will be attempted on the next scheduled day.
  • Contact the Grunigen Medical Library (714-456-5581 or for their delivery requirements.

How do I schedule a pickup of Library materials?

To schedule a pickup of library materials:
On the UCI campus:

  • Fill out the Document Delivery Service Pickup Request Form
  • Call DDS at (949) 824-4364
  • Send an email to

At the Medical Center:

Retrieval of library materials is provided at no charge. Pickups are scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

  • Unscheduled pickups may be postponed because of space limitations on the DDS cart.
  • In the case of recalled books, please call prior to the due date to avoid overdue recall fines or return the book to the library directly.

When scheduling a pickup, please provide the following information:

  • Department and/or Name
  • Building
  • Room Number
  • Number of items to be picked up

What are the DDS delivery locations?

DDS delivers on the UCI campus departments as well as selected locations at the UCI Medical Center.

There are some physical locations to which DDS cannot deliver:

  • Center for Health, Policy & Research
  • Center for Educational Partnerships
  • University Research Park (Bison Rd, Theory Road and Academy Way)
  • University Tower
  • Community & Environmental Medicine
  • Center Pointe
  • North Campus
  • University Hills
  • Verano Place

These and other off campus departments may request photocopies with delivery through the campus mail.

Contact the Grunigen Medical Library (714-456-5581 or for their delivery locations.

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