Langson Library Air Handlers Replacement Project

Last Updated April 5, 2023

Project Overview

The air handlers in Langson Library are outdated and are being replaced so that we can experience a more consistent temperature and air flow. This project will last from December 2022 through May 2023. Langson Library will remain open during the project however during certain points there may be noise and some floors will be unavailable for use.

  • Looking for a study space? Information about study spaces in all of our buildings can be found using the Study Space Locator.
  • Looking for a book or other library material? If the item you want is on a closed floor, please use our Paging & Pickup service. Please note paging typically takes 2 business days.
Floor Closures

Basement and 1st Floor: December 12th – January 22nd

  • Microform machines will not be available.

2nd and 3rd Floors: February 21st – April 9th

  • Check Out Desk will remain operational.
  • Roger C. Holden Faculty and Graduate Student Reading Room will be closed. The Faculty and Graduate Reading Room in Science Library will be available. 
  • Wepa printers and scanners will be moved to 1st floor.
  • 3rd floor study rooms will be closed. Use the Study Space Locator to find alternate places to study.

4th and 5th Floors: April 10th – June 4th

  • Nordstrom Honors Study Room will be closed. The Honors Study Room and Locus Lounge at Science Library will be available.
  • Access to Special Collections may be limited. See web page for details.


Safety FAQs

How often is air monitored?

Air monitoring is conducted continuously outside the containment area during contained asbestos-related activities. Air monitoring is performed inside and outside the containment during and after asbestos-related activities during the work shift. Air monitoring is conducted by a third-party consultant that is certified by the State of California.

Is there a possibility of dust containing asbestos entering the AC system and further recirculating into the air?

All asbestos-related activities are performed in an airtight barrier, under constant negative pressure. No air in the asbestos-containing areas in Langson Library is re-circulated; all air duct openings in the containment area are sealed during abatement.


For questions or comments about this project, contact Kristine Ferry at, Head, Access & Operations.