Laptops and iPads

NEW! Chromebook Check Out - Langson Library (Check Out Desk)

  • 48 hour check out 
  • One chromebook per person at a time
  • UCI students, faculty, and staff only (valid UCI ID card required)

Self-Service Laptop Check Out - Langson Library (near Check Out Desk)

  • 3 hour check out, no overnight check out
  • One laptop per person at a time
  • UCI students, faculty, and staff only (valid UCI ID card and PIN number required)
  • More information

Laptops & iPads Check Out - Multimedia Resources Center - Science Library

  • Check out varies based on equipment
  • UCI students, faculty, and staff only (valid UCI ID card required)
  • More information

Laptops Check Out - Grunigen Medical Library

Self-Service Laptop Check Out FAQs

How long can I keep the laptop?

You can borrow the laptop for up to 3 hours however you cannot have it overnight. The laptops do not check out overnight so if you borrow it 2 hours before we close you must return it in 2 hours.

What is expected battery life?

Laptops go out for only 3 hours. The battery should last that long. Do not plug the laptop into a power source. This will cause it to reboot and all data will be scrubbed and the drive reimaged.   

Is there a late fee and how much is it?

$2 per hour. Laptops checked out for longer than 24 hours will be considered lost at which point you will be billed for the full replacement cost of the laptop.

What happens if I lose or damage the laptop?

You are responsible for loss or damage.

Do I have to sign a Laptop Agreement form?

Yes, at the kiosk when checking out a laptop.

How do I connect to the wireless network?

It is automatically connected to the wireless network.

What do I do if the laptop is not functioning properly?

Bring the laptop immediately to the Check Out Desk and report the problem.

When I return a laptop, what happens to any software or data I have left on it?

Our laptops are wiped clean to protect your privacy.

Can I store data on the drive temporarily?

Yes, however we recommend that you take advantage of the USB port and store data or files. You can also use your Google Drive or other cloud storage to store you data or files. If the device reboots anytime during the rental all data is scrubbed and the drive is reimaged.

What operating system comes with your standard laptop computer?

Windows 10

What other software do you include?

Office, Adobe Acrobat, internet browsers

What if I get a virus?

A simple restart/reboot reimages the computer. NOTE: Save your work to a removable drive or cloud storage first.