Nielsen Datasets

Eligibility for access is strictly limited to: 

  • UCI tenured and tenure-track faculty.  Researchers may not share the data with individuals not registered and approved by the Kilts Center, including any student in an undergraduate or master’s program. 
  • UCI PhD students and UCI postdoctoral researchers

About the Nielsen Datasets

Please note, the Kilts Center is contractually prohibited from providing full documentation about the datasets until a researcher has registered with the Kilts Center. For questions, contact the Kilts Center.

  • Release Schedule
    According to staff at the Kilts Center, the datasets are released simultaneously and on a one-year lag; i.e. a 2020 release would be 2018 data. The release date will vary, depending on both when the Kilts Center receives the data from Nielsen, and how long data cleanup takes.

  • Consumer Panel Data
    Longitudinal data beginning in 2004 with annual updates. These data track a panel of 40,000–60,000 US households and their purchases of fast-moving consumer goods from a wide range of retail outlets across all US markets.

  • Retail Scanner Data
    Data consist of weekly pricing, volume, and store environment information generated by point-of-sale systems from more than 90 participating retail chains across all US markets. Data begin in 2006 and include annual updates.

  • Ad Intel Data
    Data cover advertising occurrences for a variety of media types across the United States, for the years 2010-2016, with annual updates available each year. These data can be broken down by Market Code (i.e. ~200 Designated Market Areas (DMAs), which can be matched to DMAs in the Consumer Panel and Retail Scanner datasets).

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